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If you want to have healthy, well-grown trees, it’s important to clear away the dead wood from time to time. However, if you’re not an arborist, how can you tell what needs to be pruned? How can you tell which branches are healthy and growing, and which ones should be cut off before they divert more essential resources from the rest of the tree?

The good news is that you don’t have to know this. At Tree Service Now, our arborists understand trees. We know how to tell which tree branches are healthy and which ones have died. We’ll make sure to prune your tree so that it’s set up for healthy growth for years to come.

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How often you prune your trees depends on the age and the species of the tree in question. Additionally, you shouldn’t prune trees in the wrong season. For instance, if you prune a hardwood tree in the growing season (mid-March to late June), you could cause damage that lasts for years. Our professionals can look over your yard, tell you what kinds of trees you have and approximately how old they are, and set up a schedule for pruning.

Make sure your yard looks its best and that your trees are in the best position to maintain healthy growth. Call us today to set up a pruning appointment with our tree specialists today!
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